Thursday, August 19, 2010

DJ Expo 2010 Re-cap!

I just got back from the 2010 DJ Expo in Atlantic City. If you have never been I highly recommend it for anyone in the industry, all the newest equipment and Great Pricing. It was great to meet so many industry people and old friends. Dj E.L, Jus J, Josh Carl, Dj Schmitty, and Raul from  Novation (who skooled me on the Dicer) I was set on spending 3500+ on 2 CDJ-2000’s but when i saw what this little $100.00 thing can do to add to my show I was sold! I already have a Macbook Pro and Serato so…

Here’s what I bought:

Dicer Product Link here 


Simply Ill for use with Serato (Which I’m  will be using ASAP!

I also got a new laptop stand for my Macbook Pro:

Odyssey M-Stand Product Link Here ( I got the Macbook Silver one )


Tuesday Night we went to the Pioneer/Promo Omly Party @ the House of Blues in the Showboat, here is the list of performers:


I finally got to see the best VJ in the World,  Dj 2nd Nature!!! I have been a fan of this guy since 2004! He killed it and paid respect to the late DJ AM at the end of his set! Also DJ Kris P blew my mind with his video set, much respect to him as well!

Here some Live shots from the show!


Surprise Guest Travie Mccoy!


Mr. Boombastic himself Shaggy!


Can’t wait to get into using my Dicers and Serato! Keep an eye out at future events to see when I break them out!


Crush Lounge Tomorrow!!!


  1. Cool! Thanks for the love! lol

    - Kris

  2. wow I just saw Kris P reads my Blog!!!